Monday, 15 August 2016

My first inIW Marketplace buy for Inworldz, and it was easy!

inIW marketplace Inworldz
Marketplace product page
My first marketplace buy, and it was easy! (see my previous marketplace post and more info  here)

First I had to visit an inIW terminal in-world, create an account, verify it on the online marketplace, then deposit some money in the in-world terminal so I could make my purchase.

Wolf has added some useful search filters. I fancied an old style, non mesh complete outfit, for a female avatar, and it was a simple task to narrow down the clothing available and add to my basket.

inIW terminal Inworldz
inIW terminal
As a first try out I just put enough in my account to buy the outfit, but it would be even quicker if I had left a surplus to spend later.

You can call me impressed! I received a box in my inventory almost immediately, and this was unpacked and tried on in no time.

The outfit matched the photo and description, and was made by Sophia Larkspur, a creator whose store, 'Sophia Fashion' I hadn't yet discovered.

The complementary jewellery set was a real bonus and such good value for a complete look.

Inworldz purple outfit
Wearing my new outfit at Artworldz Inworldz
Marketplace listings include a teleport to store option, so I tpd over to have a look at the full range, and was very tempted by some cute swimming outfits.

You need the official viewer to get a one-step tp from a web-link, but you can simply use the inworld search box instead, once you know the store name you are looking for.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Busy doing nothing in Inworldz

Inworldz shoreline
Aussie Gyrl Sim Inworldz
There are so many activities available in virtual worlds, and I believe the enduring appeal for many is having several parallel interests, and switching between these as the mood takes. It can be a very busy virtual life!

However, it is therapeutic at times, to put away my own projects, sit back and simply revel in the creativity of others.

The peace and calm of standing to watch the clouds go by, see light sparkling on waves in the ocean, or taking time to see the sun set are simple pleasures.

Inworldz lake
Aussie Gyrl Sim Inworldz
I can be fascinated by a flutter of butterflies, or the movement of shadows beneath a tree.

When real life is stressful, or overwhelming, the tranquility of a deserted beach, and sound of gulls provides a safe space to escape, and simply be.

Inworldz is a sandbox world, no imposed schedules or tasks you must complete, and for many, like me, the ability just to sit and enjoy, is the best freedom of all.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Spot the difference, Inworldz

Inworldz view
View from cottage a few weeks ago
Inworldz view
View from cottage today
Inworldz Map
Inworldz Map Section Aug 2016
Spot the difference? Yes more new neighbours! A little bit of Cornwall has sailed up and docked near our Scottish Isle.
Of course in Magellan extra sims means extra places to sail, and as one of the incoming sims is a water scenic this is bound to make the locals smile.

The view-shots are taken looking in the direction of the red arrow from our home sim, the Isle of Rum.

Although many residents miss Indy's place, which was a grandfathered sim present since the very early days of this world, now that Indy Bluebird has moved on the space has infilled very quickly, and with many more sims.

We avatars love living near the navigable ocean!

The local changes affect us most of course, but I almost feel as if I can hear the sim city hammer and saw build sound effects as I tour around these days. If you haven't visited in a while check out the developing mainland builds, and of course the wonderful new docks and interactive features at Inworldz Desert island, including the horse drawn carriages we got to test earlier!
Inworldz IDI carriage ride
Inworldz IDI Carriage Ride

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Coming Soon "The Great Inworldz Discovery Tour"

inworldz tour
Great Inworldz Discover Tour Map
Trouble Mooncurser is full of great ideas, and the latest seems like an exciting opportunity for residents new and old to discover (or rediscover) our virtual land and waterways. There are hours of fun possible navigating ocean and water routes available in world, but not everyone lives on the waterside, or has a handy boat rezzing space available.

Even those fortunate enough to live in the Magellan cluster, with multiple free rez spots, can find themselves inconvenienced if they venture further afield, and need to re-boot their vehicle for some reason.

There are public places where you can do this, but if you don't know an area or where to find information it can be frustrating, and returning to base is demotivating.

inworldz brewster park
Brewster Park
Great Inworldz Discover Tour
So for new sailors Trouble's new boat rezzers, will really encourage exploration. He's asking sim owners to host these, along with information boards and hopefully some activity or freebies. The idea is that visitors can rez a free boat at any of these locations, and use a tour map to choose their route around the Inworldz ocean, with the ability to rez again and carry on once they have explored a sim.

All the details are described here in an forum post and Trouble already has twenty-one sim owners signed up a month in advance of the September launch date. Check out Trouble Mooncurser's profile picks for a link to the info pack location if you are interested in hosting a tour stopover.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Exploring and Inspiration in Inworldz

Motor Island Inworldz
Motor Island
This has been a very enjoyable week for me in Inworldz.
I took our motor-boat for a spin and explored the south-west corner of the navigable ocean. With its navy training base, ports and car themed motor island, these sims form a wonderful themed corner of our world.

It's satisfying to navigate by map, and arrive as the sun rises, switching off cruise control so I can squeeze into the smaller waterways and watch the water-side world flow by.

Little Big Chapel Path Inworldz
Chapel at Little Big
Further North I discovered the beautifully landscaped Little Big sims, and was touched to find a pretty little chapel which contained a candle burning, dedicated to a resident who was currently unwell. A reminder of the friendships formed here.

Inspired by the naturalistic planting styles, I took Ayesha to visit when we were next in-world together, and she was as impressed as I.

Linked Hearts Inworldz
Tamara's Garden Centre
 at Linked Hearts
We are currently creating a forest walkway on the north side of our sim, and the clever use of focal points, and rich planting at Little Big made us try even harder to create a naturalistic feel in our own home.
This of course led to a fun shopping trip, on this occasion to Tamara's Garden Centre at Linked Hearts.

Here we picked up ruins, a forest path, some lovely and bargain priced grasses, and I kept finding myself nipping back later for 'just one more thing'! While Ayesha couldn't resist a trip to Julia Hathor's Creative Fantasy shop for a beautiful twisted Maple with detailed gnarled bark.

Horse Carriage Inworldz
Testing Arkady's Horse Carriage
Most of my free time was then taken up back home virtual landscaping, and doing my best to make 'sight-lines' along paths to encourage our visitors to wander.

It was just as I was creating a hill-side stream that Arkady Arkright called with a mysterious request for my presence.

Forest Path Inworldz
Landscaping at our Sim
 Soon, I found myself being whisked around a field at a fast trot in a horse-carriage full of giggling avatars. Ark wanted to test the vehicle's behaviour under the stress of multiple occupancy as these were to be a new interactive feature  at the Inworldz newcomer's greet sim, Inworldz Desert Island.

If I can pull myself away from moving plants this way and that, I plan a visit to explore the new features at IDI, including a docks area, allowing new residents the chance to see how our waterways enhance this virtual world.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Prettifying and recycling in Inworldz

Inworldz ocean views
View from the cottage porch
New owners have created a quad sim diagonally opposite us,  so now we have a view east and some extra waterways to play in!

Of course we being being able to look out means our new neighbours have a distant view back, and this was enough to encourage some prettifying up of a somewhat neglected back corner.

I'm not in favour of off-sim add ons for semi-connected sims like ours, as it feels like intruding into others visual space. So this meant we had some unusable landscape items tucked away in inventory from our 'far flung ocean' days. Many of these are very scenic, and I was interested to see if any could be recycled.

Inworldz isle of Rum
Isle of Rum, Inworldz
 One of my favourites was a four waterfall off-tropical sim island, only really viewable from one direction. Could it be adapted into a temperate zone inland cliff?

I was delighted to find out that the build was modifiable, and slightly nervous to discover that it was no copy!

I deleted  palm trees, and took  the 'full-bright' off any tropical looking flowering plants. Retexturing the rock to match our sim terrain really helped as well. Adding a few ferns, and more native trees helped to blend the look further, as well as some terrain remodelling.

Without sound though, the cascades felt somewhat odd. Luckily I found some excellent water effects which fitted well, and dug out the ground to make a river where the original falls would have met the sea. The simple sculpty bridges were created from textures we already owned.

Whilst I played with water, Ayesha had found and planted a wonderful grove of trees. So now a neglected corner of our sim feels much more alive and interesting.

Monday, 11 July 2016

How do virtual worlds help build international bonds?

Inworldz sea sim view
Looking across the sea to my neighbour's sim
Most of you will know that the United Kingdom just voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, and this got me thinking about virtual worlds, and what part they have to play in building international relationships.

The total number of inhabitants of Inworldz and all other virtual lands combined is still quite a small figure compared to the global population, but on an individual level, the impact of interacting daily with residents from other countries is major.

When a natural disaster hits, or a misguided group attacks the citizens of a far away country it can be hard to feel involved, beyond a generalised human sympathy. When a friend is attacked, or under threat, emotions are much more keenly felt.

Inworldz Japan
Edo Nippon Inworldz

There is a real difference between meeting someone briefly, maybe on holiday or through business, and having years of regular interactions with someone, wherever they live. What happens to those people affects me and my life.

It was once said that the telephone would change the world. If we can pick up a phone and ring a person in a foreign land and ask them a direct question, then it wouldn't be possible for the rulers of that land to fool the rest of the world about what is happening there.

It isn't that simple though. Human beings do not naturally trust strangers, it takes time to build relationships. Virtual worlds give us the time, opportunity and the space to make real friends in places far away, and somehow, those places seem to get nearer every day.